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Changing the Game: 6 Brands That Give Back

By Courtney Thorn, May 8, 2016

Slowly but surely, consumers are beginning to demand products that are both socially and environmentally conscious. Every year, we see more and more companies working to meet that demand by marrying their goods with a worthy cause.  At The Elephant Pants, we try to do just that by creating a high quality product that consumers love while also using our platform to bring light to an often overlooked, though dire, environmental issue : elephant poaching.  Throughout our time as a company, we have always tried to collaborate with brands that not only have products we enjoy but also support causes that we can get behind.  At the end of the day these relationships come down to one thing : Great people making amazing products for the best reasons.  Check out a few of our favorite brands, all on a mission to make a difference for people and animals around the world.




The people behind BANGS Shoes are dedicated to helping people build their dream businesses.  20% of their net profits go toward investing in hand-selected entrepreneurs around the United States and the world, with the goal that each investment is eventually repaid by the entrepreneur.  In fact, they have been so successful with this model that 99% of their investments have been successfully repaid.  Most of their shoes are unisex and run in both half and whole sizes up to 13 in men and 14.5 in women, which I think many people can agree, is rare and so appreciated.  So, when you buy shoes like these, you will not only receive a well constructed and beautiful looking pair of shoes but you will also be helping a person live out their entrepreneurial dreams.  We think that’s a good deal.




You know how they say, “you feel how you eat?”  Well, I think the same is true for products we buy.  When I purchase and wear products that I know are ethically produced, I feel like a million bucks.  It just feels good to be wearing something that I love while knowing that my money spent on the product is helping others. It’s a total win-win.  And when you buy shoes from Oliberté, you can and should feel awesome about your purchase because your feet will look fly and your money will be used supporting a business who pays their employees a living wage.  In fact, their factory in Ethiopia is the world’s first Fair Trade Certified footwear factory.  Imagine how good you will feel rocking these bad boys.  Hint: really good.


Sand Cloud


You know when you’re at the beach, staring into the distance, thinking how amazing the ocean is and how much you love the dolphins, whales, turtles and yes, even sharks who call the ocean their home?  Well, now you can lay on a gorgeous beach towel knowing that 10% of the net profits made by Sand Cloud protect the beach, oceans and marine animals who you so greatly love.  The founders of Sand Cloud state, “For us the beach means freedom, friendship, and communing with nature. It’s a place to express your unique individuality and style while you share good vibes.”  And when you buy their towels, like this Seafoam XL Beach Blanket, we think that you’ll be creating some high-quality vibes.




Not only are the products LSTN Sound Co. sells visually stunning but this company is on a mission to provide hearing aids to people in need around the world.  In their first three years, the company has already helped over 20,000 people hear either for the very first time or for the first time in a long time.  You can purchase premium looking and sounding headphones, earbuds and speakers, all of which are made using sustainably sourced wood.  And because each pair is handcrafted, each pair is also completely unique.  Look, it’s 2016, we all use headphones and earbuds, and when you buy a pair like these Bamboo Avalon Earbuds, you know you’re going to look insanely cool and feel even cooler because your purchase directly helped someone listen to music for the first time ever.  That is awesome.




Backpacks never go out of style.  Whether you’re 5, 16, 30 or older, literally anyone can rock a backpack.  And the founders of STATE BAGS are on a mission to make sure every kid not only has the opportunity to look cool, but more importantly has the tools necessary to learn to and grow.  With every bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack, full of useful materials, to an American child in need.  AND, the people dropping off those bags, dubbed “PackMen” and PackWomen” are trained to lead the kids during motivational rallies, inspiring them to believe in themselves.  The backpacks themselves are gorgeous, just check out The Nevins bag, practical and high end.  Look awesome and feel amazing because you’ve just provided a child with tools to succeed.




VAYA ISLAND was founded by John Moran, a 23 year old designer who aimed “to combine positivity, escapism and a live free lifestyle in an original way.”  And his designs demonstrate just that.  Check out this “To Travel Is To Live” Crop Top (which we think pairs amazingly well with our elephant pants) and you’ll see that his styles do an awesome job of conveying a laid-back lifestyle. So what is he doing to give back?  Well, Moran partnered with Oceana and a portion of every sale helps this non-profit restore the ocean and preserve marine life.

Do you guys have any other conscious brands you think we should know about?  Tell us in the comment section.

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