5 Baby Elephant GIFs to Make Your Day

By Markos J.K., April 21, 2016

Although most of us don’t have immediate access to baby elephants on a daily basis, this compilation of GIFs will forever be here for you to get your daily dose of baby elephants doing what they do best: being cute enough to have an entire post devoted to their cuteness.

WARNING: the following content may induce states of happiness, adoration, and uncontrollable smiling.


1. Baby Elephant Greeting

First, they analyze your face with their trunk. Then they smell your hair. Next comes the taste test of your hair, possibly your cheek, too. Jeez, and here I am thinking my aunt took forever with greetings.


2. Baby Elephant Photo Bomb

Baby Elephant Photo Bomb

I’m pretty sure Newton mentioned some law about baby elephants automatically being the primary subject of any picture…or maybe that was DaVinci. Whoever said it, they’re darn right.


3. Baby Elephant Making A Move

Baby Elephant Kissing Woman

Just look at the disbelief on her face. This young lady had no idea such smooth moves could come from one so cute. Heck, neither did I!


4. Baby Elephant Finds Mattress

Baby Elephant Laying on a GirlPlot twist, it’s an oh-so-comfy-looking human! Now if only he’d stay put like the brochure said he would.


5. Baby Elephant’s Struggle Is Real

9KFqlEj - Imgur

At the end of the day, being indescribably cute 24/7 can be overwhelming at times. Bless us, we’ll never know what stress these little guys have to endure. There’s just so much internet love a baby elephant can take before needing to let off some steam. Go ahead little guy, you do you.


Conclusion: Baby Elephants Rule

Baby Elephant Strutting

No Beyoncé, you don’t run the world. Girls don’t run the world. Not even Chuck Norris runs the world. Baby elephants run the world.

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